Feeding real food is easy with Real Dog Wellness Membership!

Over the years, we have helped thousands of dog owners make the transition from dry, processed food to fresh real food. For some, switching cold turkey to a premade raw is a simple decision. No matter your budget or your dog's breed, you can always feed a little fresh food, and we can help you.

That is why we created the Real Dog Wellness Membership.

it includes:

A monthly nutrition consult with a certified canine nutritionist ($50 value)

Access to the Feed Real Movement at feedreal.com ( $9/month value).

Early notification and access to the Secret Shop

20 RDC for every new customer referral - NEW!

Access to purchase regular box items in the Secret Shop

5% cash back on all food purchases - NEW!

Secret Shop shipping fee is waived if items are stolen from your cart.

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Every human-dog bond is special and starts with food.

Real Dog Wellness Membership
Can Help YOUR DOG With:

Itchy skin
Loose stools
Hot spots
Dull, unhealthy coat
Food intolerance
Lowering cancer risks
Reducing inflammation
Avoiding processed foods
Decreasing exposure to toxins

The root cause of many health issues our dogs face stem from their diet. Let us help you take control of your dog's wellness.

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Real Dog Wellness Membership

can help YOU with:


We help you find stores to buy your food locally


We offer money-saving tips to buy in bulk and store your food


We show you what tools to have on hand to make meal prep fast and easy.


We help you transition your dog to a fresh food diet


We help you find the right feeding model based on your dog's needs


Some dogs need whole food supplements for optimum health, we can help you

Every dog is different. Every person's time, budget, and needs are different, too. We are here to help and support you on your fresh food journey.