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Community Packwalks

A packwalk is a safe, structured environment to teach your dog to coexist peacefully with other dogs. These events are a nonjudgemental opportunity to socialize your dog and grow you and your dogs community!

When we first started Real Dog Box, we had recently adopted the handsomest-yet-reactive Anatolian Shepherd working dog. This is what inspired us to start pack walks in our San Diego community. Our goal is to allow dogs to socialize without interacting, respecting their boundaries and space, and allowing owners to build a stronger connection with their dogs.

Since we started, packwalks have taken off all over the country, but not all of them follow the same rules for space and boundaries. Our team of packwalk leaders have been trained to run a peaceful group walk, call out potential triggers and are all certified in canine CPR.

Find out when our next packwalk is here .

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Farmers Market

Come see us every Wednesday night at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market! We are there weekly from 4-8PM selling treats, chews and handing out samples to all the goodest doggos.

At the market you can purchase as many treats and chews as you want as well as sign up for a subscription if you don't already have one! The market is a great way to let your dog try some samples and chat with team members about any questions you may have. Every market is staffed with a certified nutrition expert well-versed in our product offerings and how each of them can help your dog’s nutritional needs.

As always we come preapred with our fresh and natural dog treats to fulfil all your dogs needs before your nect box comes! Its a great way to restock and load up especially if you're running low!

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DIY Workshops

DIY Raw Food: Every month, we host a DIY raw workshop in-person and virtually to teach you how to formulate and prepare your dog’s fresh food at home. These workshops provide education on how to prepare meals affordably, and customized to your dogs needs. After attending a workshop we hope you'll feel confident about making these meals yourself from your home!

You can save so much money with the proper planning, tools and preparation! And that’s exactly what we teach you in our DIY workshops.

Virtual Workshop

Special Events

Hosting an event you want us to be apart of? We're down!

We are known to host and or join pop-up events, adoption events, PSA trials, yappy hour, festivals and more! You name it, we’re there. Our mission is to help feed dogs real food.

Our goal at RDB is to provide owners with informaiton so that they can make their best educated decisions on how and what to feed their dogs. We are ready to chat feeding real to anyone whos interested in learning more about it. We bring all the best fresh treats and chews, plus the experts to talk about canine nutrition.

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Past Events

We hosted our very first annual wine night event this past February at our kitchen! It was a fun night full of games, charcuterie (and barkcuterie) boards, wine, and dog treats.

It's an investment for your dog's life.

We will take good care of you! But don’t take our word for it, read what dogs and their owners are saying about us and let us help you feed your dog real food, too!