Protect Your Dog From Allergies


Allergies in dogs are often triggered by their food. Learn how diet can make a difference.

COMMON CULPRITS Breeds like Beagles, Boxers, and Golden Retrievers are more prone to allergies.


An allergy is when your dog's immune system overreacts to a substance to which it is hypersensitive. When a dog is fed inferior food, allergies are more likely to develop.

Breeds prone to allergies include: Beagles, Boxers, Chihuahuas , Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Boston Terriers, …among others

Over 50% of dogs experience ear problems when allergic reactions occur!


True Allergies

May cause hives, swelling, or anaphylaxis. Hives and itching are also symptoms. True food allergies affect 10% of dogs.

Food Intolerance

An adverse reaction to food your dog is consuming. Often appears to be an allergic reaction, but vomiting and diarrhea may also occur.

Food Sensitivity

Doesn't often affect dogs the first time the food is eaten, but occurs over time. Symptoms include frequent ear infections, yeast, itchy paws and skin, and/or GI issues.

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