Food Philosophy


Real food = Good health.

But fresh real food isn’t always convenient or affordable.

Nurturing Canine Longevity: The Vital Role of Nutrition

We believe food is the most potent medicine for longevity. It is the most basic physiological need of every being. A few dollars a day spent on real food can prevent 6 out of the 10 most common dog vet visits. Allergies, obesity, dental disease, ear infections, yeast issues, and cancer are all linked to commercialized dog food – in both ingredients and the way it’s processed. Grain-free and prescription diets are no better, they’re still processed and not real food. We rely on dogs to detect ailments and understand how genes, lifestyle, and environment influence aging; we even test certain drugs on them. If we expect dogs to help us increase our lifespan and live free of disease it’s our responsibility to research and understands their nutritional needs and prevents future illnesses. And while there are many external factors we cannot control, we can control what we feed.
Fresh, real food is the healthiest and most biologically appropriate food for dogs. Our drying process mimics ancient sun-drying practices without damage from ultraviolet radiation, and allows us to make preservative-free shelf-stable foods. By regulating temperature and humidity, our process ensures the product retains its natural structure and cellular integrity. Air-dried products look, feel, smell, and taste real! We pioneered a new category of convenient food that connects dogs with real nutrients. Real food:
  • Feels, smells, and tastes real
  • Protects cell integrity
  • Looks like real food.
  • Has clear labeling
  • Has transparent packaging
  • Has no added flavors
  • Has no added preservatives
  • Biologically canine appropriate
  • Is whole, minimally processed, and diverse in nutrition. Variety is a must.
  • Has no high-pressure pasteurization (HPP)


- Ribs and backbone visible from a distance

- No body fat


- Ribs may be visible and can be easily felt

- Obvious waist when viewed from above


- Ribs can be felt without excess fat

- Obvious waist when viewed from above


- Ribs can be felt with difficulty under heavy fat layer

- Fat visible near base of tail on backbone


- Fat deposits over neck, limbs and backbone

- Obvious abdominal distention

It’s no coincidence that poor nutrition is linked to weight gain, digestive issues, low energy, degenerative diseases, and cancer - we’ve seen this in human health. Kibble (and processed foods) have been around for less than 100 years and we are already seeing the harmful effects of it. Scientific researchers are searching for “cures” and “treatments” without recognizing that the majority of illnesses stem from eating and feeding inappropriate foods. This is not to say there isn’t a place for modern medicine, but instead to acknowledge that there are steps we can take to prevent illness. Diagnosis and treatment is an endless cycle without emphasis on prevention. That is what real food does for us and for our dogs.
We understand your dog’s individual nutritional needs and preferences, and teach you and your veterinarian to prevent food-related issues.


Real Dog Box will never be a human-grade dog food company, for good reason.


At Real Dog, we believe a variety of real whole foods makes a difference.

Variety & Balance Over Time

  • Different foods offer a variety of necessary nutrients
  • Diverse gut flora supports a healthy microbiome & immunity
  • An introduction to meats, organs, and animal body parts necessary and appropriate for dogs Complement a fresh or dry food diet

Real in Every Way

  • Whole foods you can identify
  • Don’t crumble in your hands
  • Clear labeling and packaging
  • Transparent sourcing
  • No flavors or preservatives
  • No HPP

The Bridge to a Fresh Food

  • Other drying methods are not accessible or convenient, air-dried foods
  • Feel, smell and taste real
  • Easier to digest and transition from kibble g
  • Can be made at home, unlike freeze-dried or fermented
  • Provide the easiest transition from ultra-processed to fresh food (raw or cooked)

Real Ancestral Diet.
We have formulated our unique diet based on our research:

  • 63% lean muscle meat and muscular organs (protein)
  • 12% bone (calcium)
  • 10% seafood (omega 3s)
  • 5% liver (vitamins and minerals)
  • 5% other secreting organs (vitamins and minerals)
  • 5% fiber (fruits and/or fruits and vegetables)
We source all USDA-inspected ingredients specifically for canine nutritional benefits and make all of our products in our small-batch factory. We stay up to date on nutrition and industry-related news to create educational resources for our customers and adjust our product offerings accordingly. We are committed to our food quality. We don’t use co-packers or other third parties, we even built our own custom drying system so as not to compromise the quality of our food.
We don’t have all the answers, but we are sure that fresh food is always better than kibble, just like you’re sure that fresh real food is better than fast food or boxed macaroni. It’s an immutable idea. Every human-dog bond is special and starts with food.