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'I have great respect for the companies that go to the effort (and expense) to make a quality treat product.' -Susan Thixton

Our experienced dog nutritionists will learn about your dog and guide you toward a customized fresh dog box.

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Treat & Chew Box

We made this box for your dog with “food is medicine” in mind. We handmake different treats and chews every 4 weeks. We use roughly 6-7 lbs of quality fresh meat and seafood. At one low price, you get everything in the Treat And Chew Box.

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Chew Only Box

An entertained dog is a happy dog. Do you need a few mins? Let us keep them busy. Every month we send 8 to 10 freshly air-dried chews of different strength levels. Our chews will clean your pup’s teeth and keep them mentally stimulated, like an everlasting lollipop.

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Treat Only Box

Reward your smart dog right! Our treats come in every shape and size to break into whatever size you need. We air-dry 2-3 lbs of fresh meat and fish for days to make one of these boxes. Our treats are high-value food which makes them “the perfect tool” for the perfect photo.

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Mini Box

Do you have a dog that is easily satisfied but needs a little something-something on the side? Make that a healthy snack!! That is why we have the Mini Treat and Chew Box, it has 2 different types of treats and a bag of chews. No seafood or heavy chews.

Super Chew

Got a hyper little beast at home? Let us help you save your shoes with our Super Chews. Add as many Super Chews as you want to any box or as a standalone subscription! Just like our treats, we make a fresh new Super Chew every 4 weeks. You decide how many shoes you want to save!


The perfect training treat or meal replacement. Made with approx. 1.3-1.5 pounds of fresh meat, our meatball proteins rotate monthly to add variety to your dog's food. They are air-dried just like all of our treats and chews and made with lean muscle meats, poultry bone, organ meats, seafood, and fur for fiber.

Food Topper

The ultimate food topper made with finely-ground secreting organs, perfect for balancing DIY raw meals or getting those finicky eaters to dig into their dry food. The Real Dog Food Topper is a pre-mixed 50/50 blend of liver and another secreting organ. Secreting organs may include spleen or kidney. Proteins vary every box cycle!

We learn what your pup’s preferences and sensitivities are after their first box.

Text our experts to customize your pup’s box! 858-348-5954


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Wellness Membership

Wellness Membership

Feeding real food is easy with Real Dog Wellness Membership!

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Meet Your Certified Canine Nutrition and Wellness Coaches









Each customer service member at Real Dog Box is a trained Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist (CPCN). Trust us for scientifically-backed, vet-level advice on canine nutrition, ensuring your dog's optimum health and diet.


What's in the Current Box?

Heavy Chew of the Month Beef Backstrap
Every month we make a different combination of air-dried treats, chews, and ground food toppers to help you add variety into your dog's bowl

100% meat, 100% real food, made in small batches in San Diego, delivered fresh directly to you at an affordable price.

Our plans are simple, straightforward and designed to serve your dog's changing needs.

Month to Month

You're not tied to a contract. No fees, no commitment, skip a month or cancel anytime. Stay a member for as long as you want. You'll only be charged for what you've received.

Nutrition Consultation

Did you know that your wellness membership includes a monthly nutrition consultation with our certified canine nutritionist?

100% Satisfaction

No hassle customer service, we will make it right. Period. Set preferences or allergy restrictions. We are available via text 7 days week 858-348-5954

Learn more about how and why we’ve made feeding real food convenient, healthy and affordable.

100% meat & made fresh
Single-ingredient & unprocessed

Canine appropriate
Fully digestible treats & chews

Variety in every box
Exciting & nutritionally balanced

Protect Your Dog From Allergies


Allergies in dogs are often triggered by their food. Learn how diet can make a difference.

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COMMON CULPRITS: Breeds like Beagles, Boxers, and Golden Retrievers are more prone to allergies.
EAR TROUBLE: Over 50% of allergic dogs suffer from ear complications.
DIETARY DEFENSE: A quality diet can greatly reduce or even eliminate many allergies.
Treat and Chew Box

Real Dog Box Free membership with this box

Text message access to our Certified Canine Nutritionists
Free shipping up to 3x deliveries a month
Access to Secret Shop
Free replacement of any item that doesn't work for your dog
Protein restrictions customized for your dog
$10 in Real Dog Coins when you refer a friend
Real Dog Wellness Membership

Real Dog Wellness$17/m membership

Unlimited access to Certified Canine Nutritionists
A monthly 1:1 nutrition consult with your dedicated Wellness Coach (a $50 value)
$20 Real Dog Coins for every referral
Free access to 7+ years of Feed Real Institute research and tools at ($9/month value)
Early access to Secret Shop
Secret Shop shipping fee is waived if the items in your cart are purchased by another user
Priority on Real Dog Box monthly menu
5% cash back on all Secret Shop purchases deposited directly into your Real Dog Wallet

Raw vs. Air-dried : Compared in a Real Treat & Chew Box

Get the benefits of raw and the convenience of dried food. The treats & chews ↓ below were on the menu recently!


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We're health conscious dog lovers that believe food is medicine. That we should focus on preventing disease instead of treating it. We’re based in sunny San Diego, California and are on a mission to change the way we feed our dogs.
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We will take good care of you! But don’t take our word for it, read what dogs and their owners are saying about us and let us help you feed your dog real food, too!