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Are you passionate about dog wellness and nutrition? Real Dog Affiliate Program is for video makers, bloggers, review sites, and other content creators who want to monetize their content and help people raise healthy dogs.

Real Dog Box is an easy subscription service that makes and delivers fresh dog treats and chews right to your door. Our products are air-dried, single-ingredient, and packed with benefits for you and your dog. Our treats and chews can help with allergies, improved dental hygiene, cancer prevention, and weight management.


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It doesn't matter what box they signed-up for or how long they continue our service.

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Product screenshot


Get a free Treat & Chew Box + Meatballs. Once you're approved, you'll automatically receive everything we make for in the current month's box. So you can experience exactly what our member's experience. It's worth $75 and you don't even pay for shipping.

Over 5,000 thousands people use Real Dog Box to improve their dogs' lives

We're health conscious dog lovers that believe food is medicine. That we should focus on preventing disease instead of treating it. We’re based in sunny San Diego, California and are on a mission to change the way we feed our dogs.

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It's an investment for your dog's life.

We will take good care of you! But don’t take our word for it, read what dogs and their owners are saying about us and let us help you feed your dog real food, too!