Dogs are the bridge between nature and humanity.

(Our Dog Purpose and Philosophy)

Dogs help humans live longer. Dogs will always be part of human evolution for 2 reasons.1.There is no other interspecies bond like a human-dog bond.2.Dogs adapt to human lives in more valuable ways as we evolve.

Studies show that young children from dog-owning households were found to have better social and emotional development. Dogs make us feel more human. As we increase our dependence on technology and Artificial Intelligence, dogs help us stay grounded and connected to the outside world.
Humans domesticated dogs and dogs domesticated themselves. Ancestors of modern dogs played an active role in their own domestication and at some point, dogs domesticated humans as well. By forming relationships with humans, dogs shaped human behavior, societal structures, and our ability to communicate. Together, we hunted, we traveled, and we even went to battle. As our relationship progressed, dogs began to protect us, herd and guard our livestock and agriculture and were part of so many more pivotal points of human civilization. They became the most diverse species on earth to support us. Dogs have developed an exceptional ability to understand human cues, from verbal commands to non-verbal signals like pointing or gaze direction. This communication, built over thousands of years, emphasizes the unique bond we share with dogs. We rely on dogs to detect disease, protect us from threats, and support us emotionally. ​​It is no coincidence that they will continue to accompany us on our journey as we discover new worlds.

It's an investment for your dog's life.

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