Customer isn't always right.

We didn’t make this page to shame anyone. We made it to show you how devasting “canceling” a small business can be, whose only goal is to help you feed real food.

Here are the facts: no dog has ever died from Real Dog Box food. Anyone who claims this has no evidence to support it and is negligently spreading false information to hurt us.

In Dec. 2020, a RDB member took her dog to the ER after feeding a turkey wing all at once. We communicated with the RDB member both by message and by phone. According to the veterinarian’s report they sent us, her dog did not need or have surgery, did not have a blockage or perforation, did NOT die or “almost die”, and as far as we know is living a healthy life. No short or long-term damages were caused by RDB products.

Some people don’t agree with how we handled the situation. Some people applaud it. Please keep in mind, we are food makers. We are a small team that makes all its own food and we can’t answer all of the messages we received the way a PR or marketing agency could. We chose not to pay this person’s veterinary bill: according to the vet bill, the dog experienced acute gastroenteritis due to feeding too much; the customer admittedly ignored our feeding instructions.

Words matter. Truth matters. How you treat people matters. Please give us the opportunity to tell you our side of the story. And if you still choose not to support us - that’s OK! At least you have the facts to make your own conclusion.

We believe the best way to share the facts is to address each event in this timeline. Rumors have spread quickly and what we thought was resolved with our RDB member has turned into a slew of unfound allegations and misdirected grievances that have carried over time.

We are very sorry about the circumstances and appreciate our member for being so patient and understanding in our conversations. These are the facts for our members to hear our story and to see the attacks and harassment both our team and other supporters have received.

In 72 hours, a concerted and organized defamatory smear campaign by social media influences and unrelated parties resulted with RDB losing 3000 active members and millions in financial damages.

More than 1 year after this incident, rumors are still spreading that a dog died or was severely sick, neither of which is true. When people spread lies about a small business, the impact is detrimental. Our mission to help people feed real food is tainted by rumors, jobs are lost, people are hurt and fewer dogs are helped. We are still standing, but it’s been an uphill battle to correct the rumors and misinformation that has circulated.

We are now forced to take legal action for defamation as people continue to share these rumors. These are resources we would much rather spend on nutrition and food research.

The following is a timeline of purchases from our member

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