Cow Ear

Real Dog Box’s Cow Ear heavy chews are freshly air-dried in San Diego.

The Real Dog Box kitchen is located in San Diego, CA. All of our food is sourced from American ranchers, farms, or distributors. We receive our meat in raw form, prepare them by hand and gently dry them in our patent-pending air driers. We pack and ship it all as soon as it is ready to make sure we are feeding your dog food as fresh as possible.

Ingredients: 100% cow ear. Nothing else.

✅ single ingredient ✅ unprocessed

✅ air-dried in 96 hours ✅ no preservatives

✅ free-range ✅ sourced from California

Fun Fact

Fur acts as a pipe cleaner in your dog’s digestive tract! This helps “clean things out” and keep them regular.

What are Cow Ears?

Cow ears are comprised of cartilage and fur. 

Find more about it on the #feedreal dog food glossary, cow ear. 

How Are Cow Ears Chews Dried?


Air-dried for days and hand-packed in small limited-sizes batches. You know exactly where your food comes from and how it is made.


Real food tastes better and is healthier, especially without all the extra junk. We don’t use any artificial flavors, preservatives. Just real meat.


We built our own driers to provide you the most nutrition dense treats. We gently air-dry fresh, thinly sliced, USDA-inspected cow ears for 96 hours.

Can my dog eat Cow Ears?

It’s rare that dog’s cannot consume cow ears. However, if your dog is on the smaller side or not used to eating fur it can be easy to overdue it. Too much fur or swallowing large chunks can lead to regurgitation. Be sure to introduce slowly and monitor your dog’s poop.

Read more about the difference between vomiting and regurgitating .

How do I feed Cow Ears?

Introduce slowly. Dogs can eat the entire ear but it is best to feed in moderation to avoid digestive upset. It is common to see fur in your dogs poop after consumption.

Why should I feed Cow Ears?

Cow ears are a great source of chondroitin and the fur is an excellent source of manganese and fiber!

2 Reasons to Feed Cow Ears

  1. Chondroitin - maintains healthy joints
  2. Manganese - healthy metabolism, nerve and brain function

Can dogs have Cow Ear allergies?

Dogs can have allergies or sensitivities to cow however, it is uncommon. Bison ears are a great alternative for dogs avoiding beef.


Crude Protein 82.22% min

Crude Fat 6.56% min

Crude Fiber 2.23% max

Moisture 7.10% max


According to TCM, beef is considered a NEUTRAL protein. Read more about TCM here.  


Mental enrichment. Use as a plate for a frozen treat. Top with treats or kibble, use goat milk, kefir, or greek yogurt as the “glue” and freeze.

DIY meal. Include in your dog’s raw diet as a source of fiber.