Chicken Heart

Real Dog Box’s Chicken Heart muscle treats are freshly air-dried in San Diego.

The Real Dog Box kitchen is located in San Diego, CA. All of our food is sourced from American ranchers, farms, or distributors. We receive our meat in raw form, prepare them by hand and gently dry them in our patent-pending air driers. We pack and ship it all as soon as it is ready to make sure we are feeding your dog food as fresh as possible.

Ingredients: 100% chicken heart. Nothing else.

✅ single ingredient ✅ unprocessed

✅ air-dried in 48 hours ✅ no preservatives

✅ sourced from California

Fun Fact

Heart is considered a muscle meat in raw feeding even though it is technically an organ!

What are Chicken Hearts?

Heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout the body which distributes oxygen and nutrients the body needs to function.

Find more about it on the #feedreal dog food glossary, chicken heart.  

How Are Chicken Heart treats Dried?


Air-dried for days and hand-packed in small limited-sizes batches. You know exactly where your food comes from and how it is made.


Real food tastes better and is healthier, especially without all the extra junk. We don’t use any artificial flavors, preservatives. Just real meat.


We built our own driers to provide you the most nutrition dense treats. We gently air-dry fresh, USDA-inspected chicken heart for 48 hours.

Can my dog eat Chicken Heart?

It’s rare that dogs cannot consume chicken heart. However, if they are sensitive to chicken, duck heart is a great alternative.

Each 3oz bag is made from 14oz of raw chicken heart.

How do I feed Chicken Heart?

Introduce slowly. You can offer whole chicken hearts right out of the bag or sprinkle over your pup’s meal for an extra kick of flavor and protein.

Why should I feed Chicken Heart?

They're high in iron and zinc, needed to circulate oxygen and boost your pup's immune system, and a good source of potassium, magnesium, and B-vitamins.

6 Reasons to Feed Chicken Heart

  1. Taurine - supports heart and brain function
  2. Niacin - lowers high cholesterol
  3. Vitamin B6 - improves red blood cell, nervous system, and immune health
  4. Zinc - benefits the skin and prevents dandruff
  5. Phosphorus - healthy teeth and bones
  6. Iron- boosts red blood cells and fights anemia

Can dogs have Chicken Heart allergies?

Dogs can have allergies or sensitivities to chicken. However, many dogs that are sensitive to cooked chicken protein have no reaction to the raw or dried protein.


Crude Protein 67.31 min

Crude Fat 21.77 min

Crude Fiber <1% max

Moisture 5.88 max

Calories 359.98 kcal per bag


According to TCM, chicken is considered a WARMING protein. Read more about TCM here.  


Mental enrichment. Sprinkle on a lick mat and use kefir, greek yogurt, or goat milk as the “glue.” Freeze for a tasty treat and mental stimulation.

DIY meal. Include in your dog’s raw diet as his 80% muscle meat content. Remember moisture is lost during the air-dry process. 

Meal top. Level up your dog's bowl by sprinkling Chicken Hearts on top of your dog’s bowl. This can be especially helpful with picky eaters.

Use as high value traning treats. Simple to feed, break into as small as you want.

Softer treats. Rehydrate the treats in warm water for 2-3 minutes to create softer, meaty treats. This is helpful for senior dogs or those with dental challenges.

Pup cake decor. One of favorite nutrient-rich garnishes for a pup cupcakes!