Boar Ear


What are Boar Ear?

Wild boar is a cousin of pork. Boar protein offers its own set of nutritional benefits. Boar meat is higher in protein and lower in fat and cholesterol than conventionally farmed pork. Find more about it on the #feedreal dog food glossary, boar ear.

single ingredient


air-dried in 64 hours

no preservatives


Real Dog Box’s Boar Ear are freshly air-dried in San Diego.

The Real Dog Box kitchen is located in San Diego, CA. All of our food is sourced from American ranchers, farms, or distributors. We receive our meat in raw form, prepare them by hand and gently dry them in our patent-pending air driers. We pack and ship it all as soon as it is ready to make sure we are feeding your dog food as fresh as possible.

3 Reasons to Feed Boar Ear

Chondroitin maintains healthy joints
Glucosamine maintains healthy joints
Manganese healthy metabolism, nerve, and brain function
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Can my dog eat Boar Ear?

It's rare that dogs cannot consume boar ears. However, fur chews are easy to overfeed. Introduce slowly to avoid digestive upset.

Why should I feed Boar Ear?

Boar ears are a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin which contribute to healthy joints! Fur is also a great source of fiber and manganese!

Can dogs have Boar Ear allergies?

It is extremely unlikely that a dog would have an allergy or sensitivity to wild boar. Wild boar and pork have different protein structures, so if a dog is sensitive to pork, boar is a great alternative.


Mental enrichment Use as a plate for a frozen treat. Top with treats or kibble, use goat milk kefir or Greek yogurt as the 'glue,' and freeze.

Feeding tip Fur on boar ears makes a game of scent hunt even more fun and realistic! Learn how to play scent games.

DIY meal Include in your dog's raw diet as a great source of fiber.


100% boar ear. Nothing else.

Guaranteed Analysis

crude protein71.3% min

crude fat20.54% min

crude fiber0.67% max

moisture4.93% max

calories386.4 kcal per bag

net weight

Each bag is made from approximately 23.4 oz of raw boar ear.

According to TCM, boar is considered a WARM protein. Read more about TCM here.

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How do I feed Boar Ear?

Introduce slowly. Dogs can eat the entire ear, but it is best to feed in moderation to avoid digestive upset.

Each bag is made from approximately 23.4 oz of raw boar ear.


Fur acts as a pipe cleaner in your dog's digestive tract! This helps 'clean things out' and keep them regular.